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The North East Coast 
Welcome to The North East Coast Gallery
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5 x Coastal Cards Pack

Evening comes to Whitby

Coastguard Cottage Runswick

Evening falls towards Whitby.

Reflections of the White House at Runswick Bay

Boats at Runswick Bay

Whitby Abbey at Night

Saltwick Bay

Robin Hood's Bay

Misty Morning at Saltwick Bay

The White House Runswick


Blue Waters

Blue Depths

Neap Tide towards Huntcliffe

Low Tide at Robin Hood's Bay

Rough Sea at Saltburn

Misty Morning towards Kettleness.jpg

Stormy Sea towards Whitby

Rough Sea at Sandsend

Ironstone and Shells

Storm Clouds over Huntcliffe Saltburn

After the storm at Runswick Bay


Reflections at Runswick Bay

Golden Sands at Runswick Bay

Early Sunshine at Runswick Bay

Staithes Harbour

Moorings Cottage and first Glimpse of the Sea at Staithes

Over the Rooftops

Dawn comes to Staithes

Over the Rooftops

Staithes Cliffs

Staithes Beck

Low Tide and Harbour

Saltburn by the Sea Cliff


Staithes Beach at Low Tide


Boats at Anchor

Staithes beach and Cowbar

Reflections on Staithes Beck

First Glimpse of the Sea at Staithes

Evening comes to Staithes

Looking down on Staithes harbour

Rough Sea at Staithes